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COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Seniors

In an effort to act quickly, and meet the needs of our clients during the current COVID-19 pandemic, CHATS has established a COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund to aid in the increased efforts needed to keep our vulnerable senior population safely at home during this challenging and worrisome time.

With the suspension of CHATS’ community-based programs, hundreds of seniors are experiencing new levels of isolation. CHATS’ staff members are working tirelessly to deploy even more essential services at this time including, Meals on Wheels, medication & prescriptions drop-offs, grocery shopping, respite care, safety checks and transportation; supports which are vital in keeping the senior population healthy and out of hospitals. 

The aftermath of the pandemic will leave even more clients vulnerable and at risk. The support that CHATS’ staff and volunteers are providing has been tremendous through this time of COVID—it will be even more invaluable when we move into the post-pandemic stage. Donations received through the COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund will ensure seniors have access to the care they require now and later.

You can give now by visiting our COVID Emergency Support Fund page or by calling 905-713-3373 ext. 6086.


Monthly Gifts

Monthly donations help CHATS to plan its senior services and programs more effectively, by providing a more consistent funding source. Additionally, monthly donations help us to lessen administrative costs as tax receipts are issued annually, thus reducing processing costs and postage. Setting up a monthly donation allows you to reduce your own personal expenses by eliminating postage and cheque processing charges. 

CHATS’ monthly donors automatically receive a copy of our Annual Report.

Tribute Gifts

Many people choose to honour special occasions, loved ones, etc., with a donation in lieu of a gift. Donations can be made to honour milestones (e.g. birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, etc.) or in memory of a loved one.

To recognize your tribute gift, CHATS will send a card acknowledging your donation to a recipient of your choice.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts, or ‘legacy’ gifts help CHATS long term to sustain vital programs and services for our communities, while also offering you tax and/or estate planning benefits.

To inquire about planned giving options, please call 905.713.3373 x 6063 for more information.

Team Building Opportunities - Kits for a Cause

Are you looking for a fun and engaging group volunteer opportunity that makes an impact? Help us build CHATS Care Kits for our clients in various programs like Assisted Living,  Adult Day Program and In-Home Services.   

All you need is an eager group of volunteers and choose the type of Care Kit from CHATS Kits for a Cause.   Or, you can customize the Care Kit using the CHATS' Wishlist below.  Contact the Bargins Group to get started.

  The Bargins Group provides wholesale discounts ensuring your money will go further and they'll even include extra donations to CHATS with every purchase!     

Click here to learn more about Kits for a Cause

For questions, please contact Fundraising Department for more information,