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Client Rights

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Client Privacy

CHATS makes every effort to safeguard client information by following the privacy practices established by the Common Privacy Framework (CPF) developed by Community Care Information Management (CCIM) in compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), along with the data sharing agreements with partners such as LHINs and eHealth Ontario.

CHATS shares and has access to health record information with partner organizations to provide care.  At all times, the personal health information collected by CHATS belongs to the client.  All information collected is subject to the Client Consent to Collect, Maintain, and Share Information policy; consent can be revoked at any time

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please contact your usual care provider or our Privacy Officer.

Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Dear CHATS Client or Caregiver,

CHATS’ philosophy of care, Relationship Based Care (RBC), is based on three primary care relationships: caring for our clients, caring for our-selves and caring for each other. Within this context CHATS takes a collaborative approach, including staff at all levels, our clients and their families/caregivers. With you, the CHATS Team focuses on building effective communication and positive relationships in order to deliver the best possible care and support.

As a client at CHATS, you and your family/caregiver(s) have both rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities are important to you and they are important to CHATS.  They help to ensure that your care and support is the best that it can be and that both you and the CHATS care/support providers are safe and are treated with respect.

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with courtesy, respect, dignity and compassion
  • Be addressed by your preferred name
  • Receive professional, competent and gentle care regardless of your views, culture, spiritual traditions, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and abilities
  • Be free from any type of abuse
  • Have your personal health information treated confidentially
    • Receive response to your communications with us in a timely manner
  • Know who your service provider is and what their role is in your care/service/program
  • Be involved in the assessment and planning of your individualized care and ensure that your family or others you identify as important are included in this planning
  • Be engaged in and have input into changes in your service or care
  • Express concerns and recommend changes without fear of reprisals, interference, coercion or discrimination
  • Be informed of the process for making a complaint or appeal
  • Be informed of the laws, rules and policies affecting CHATS programs and services
  • Accept or refuse service initially and at each visit
  • Appeal care decisions made by CHATS

You have the responsibility to:

  • Treat your CHATS team members with courtesy and respect, free from discrimination and harassment
  • Provide all information required for us to safely deliver service and meet your individual care/support needs
  • Provide consent so we can determine and initiate service
  • Be home for all CHATS visits
  • Be informed and involved in the planning of your care
  • Follow your care plan to the best of your ability
  • Tell us about any changes in your situation that could affect your service or care (for example, hospital stay or change in medications)
  • Provide a safe working environment for CHATS staff by:
    • Securing pets during visits if requested
    • Ensuring that walkways to the home are well lit and clear of ice, snow and other hazards
    • Not smoking during visits

As a CHATS client, you have the right to discuss any concerns regarding services by calling CHATS at, 905-713-6596 or toll free at 1-877-452-4287.

Click here to view the Client Bill of Rights & Responsibilities in Chinese

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Click here to view the Client Bill of Rights & Responsibilities in Russian