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Becoming a Caregiver

23 Nov 2017

Caregivers become caregivers for a variety of reasons, usually following the hospitalization or serious illness of a loved one. Sometimes it is short-term, which is often easier to accept because we see the dependency as temporary, with a family member or friend recovering in the near future. Other times it is long-term, likely until the end of life.

Managing a Life Change with Caregiver Support

In either case, becoming a caregiver is a life change that requires organization, planning, and mental and physical stamina. Many caregivers are thrown into the caring role without the opportunity to equip themselves emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s not often that we are given the choice to become a caregiver gradually. A longer adjustment period, with time to gain basic caregiving skills is a luxury not many of us get. That’s why it is important to make the most of the caregiver support resources that are available through community organizations.

Finding Caregiver Support

Caregiving tests the health of any relationship – whether you are caring for your mother, your father, your sister, your grandmother, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbour – you name it. Armed with information, resources, caregiver support services and your friends and family, caregiving can be healthy and fulfilling. The key to achieving a healthy, positive caregiving relationship is in taking time to care for yourself as well.