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Here's what some of our clients say about CHATS:

As a caregiver, Nancy couldn't have been more pleased with Home at Last, a free CHATS program that eased the hospital-to-home transition for her friend, John. "It was one of the best experiences I've had over the past several months. It was nice for me to know he was being taken care of," says Nancy.

Recently, John was discharged from Markham Stouffville Hospital after undergoing an angioplasty. At the hospital, he was greeted by Wendy, a professional CHATS Personal Support Worker (PSW), escorted to a waiting vehicle, and driven to his Markham home by a friendly and helpful Home At Last representative. Nancy met them at John's home, and was thrilled to see how well John was settling in - thanks to the compassionate support of Wendy, who ensured there was basic food, medication, made arrangements for any necessary community services and supports, and generally made sure John felt safe, comfortable, and cared-for.

As John's caregiver, Nancy is typically the one who is busy and preoccupied with meeting his needs. "I'm usually running around, so it was nice having the help. It made a huge difference. It was particularly nice for me, but even nicer for John to have a professional person there to look after his needs. There's a real sense of security with that."

Caregiver to CHATS Home At Last client

In 2001, Marleine's husband had a nervous breakdown. He's never fully recovered. As someone who has always prided themselves as being independent, she didn't ask for help. That changed several years ago, when she personally was involved in a serious car accident. Friends finally convinced her to reach out and ask for support. She was quickly referred to CHATS.

"CHATS has made such a tremendous difference to my family. Before attending the Adult Day Program, my husband was isolated, frustrated and challenged. Sadly, he required more support than I could provide on my own, while I recovered myself, and took care of my mother. Since our introduction to CHATS three years ago, he has come out of his shell, making friends with other clients, volunteers and staff, and allowing me time to recover and become a stronger caregiver."

Caregiver / wife of CHATS Adult Day Program client

"My husband Eric is a client of CHATS.  We came to Canada in 1968 as landed immigrants. Eric worked for the federal government for over 35 years before he fully retired at age 65. Eric loves to play chess, and listens to classical music.  Photography used to be his hobby at his younger age. During the past 15 years, he also became deeply involved with anything about computers.  

Eric had a stroke in 2008. As our only son lives outside of the country, I immediately became Eric's primary caregiver. We came to know CHATS through the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre). I know that Eric is very impressed by the services provided by CHATS and feels it as his second home. As a caregiver, I feel so fortunate to know that my husband receives such wonderful care at CHATS, which also allows me the opportunity to focus on my own well-being. We are both so grateful for the staff and volunteers who continue to help us to get through this most difficult time in our lives."

Caregiver / wife of CHATS client

Diane dearly loves her father, but she often feels like she's at the end of her rope. Since her father's health took a turn for the worse, Diane has been his primary caregiver. He's suffered from congestive heart failure, has limited mobility, visual impairment and other ailments.

Diane is happy to help her father, but it can be taxing on her, physically and emotionally. She's experienced a lot of stress from juggling the everyday demands of her life and caring for her father and in fact, she recently left her job at a veterinary clinic so that she could better cope with managing her home, spending time with her family, and taking care of her father. Needless to say, Diane worries a lot, feels anxious, frenetic, and simply exhausted.

The good news is, Diane has found help and support through the CHATS Caregiver Support and Education Services. Through one-on-one consultations with the CHATS Caregiver Education Counsellor, Diane has learned how to cope with her worries and stress, received advice on maintaining balance in her life, practical caregiving tips, and more.

"I enjoy my time with the Caregiver Education Counsellor and feel I've benefited from her caring and expertise, says Diane. It has certainly helped me feel more prepared for any future developments with my father. I'm learning to work with the system for our mutual benefit."

CHATS Caregiver Support & Education client

"Thank you, CHATS, for the wonderful support you've given to me during the last four-and-a-half months. Ever since I fell and fractured the cap on my left arm, and afterward had surgery on my left hand, your concern and care were very much appreciated. The ladies who attended to me were always very cheerful and encouraging. Thank you for all that you do."

CHATS Homemaking client

"For the past two weeks, I have had help from one of your Support Workers. She has assisted me since I came home from the hospital and was unable to care for myself. She is a credit to her profession. She is kind and caring and eager to be of service. I cannot thank her enough for her sunny disposition when I was feeling low, due to the pain of the surgery. Thank you, CHATS, for providing this much-needed service."

CHATS Personal Care client

"Thank you for all the help we received from CHATS Meals on Wheels during my mother's recent illness. Despite our own difficulty in organizing ourselves, your wonderful volunteers were always able to supply us with what we needed. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant and extremely helpful. We are very grateful for everything you did."

CHATS Meals on Wheels client

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I didn't know this service existed. I felt I was not an outcast in the group, and it was okay to talk about what I was going through."

Caregiver Workshop Participant

"Thank you for Lucille (a CHATS Home Support Worker), who has been such a blessing to my husband and I through the years. Her work is excellent. She is always on time. Her meals are delicious. Her advice is always helpful when we ask her questions about needs. She is like a sister to me - so generous, so caring."

CHATS Homemaking client

"Mother loves CHATS and all of you! And though she cannot often remember names, she certainly takes away all the attention and care you provide for her, and tells us how much she enjoys all of you! Thank you so much for all your efforts."

Caregiver / daughter of a CHATS client

"The Caregiver Support program is an emotional release. It's fantastic!"

Caregiver Support & Education client

"It's helpful knowing there's a place to go and talk about topics knowing others are going through the same things as I am."

Caregiver Support & Education client

"The Adult Day Program brings me a sense of well-being - mind, body and soul."

Aurora Adult Day Program client

"I enjoy getting out of the house. There's so much to do when you attend, like keeping up with current events."

Richmond Hill Adult Day Program client

"I am happy here. It makes my day and I recommend it to all my friends."

Richmond Hill Adult Day program client

"Thank you to all of the Day Program staff and volunteers. Since my husband started coming there, he has really come out of his shell and is much happier at home as well. He speaks so highly of you all, and is enjoying himself immensely. It also gives me some time to myself, and I always know he is in good hands!"

Caregiver / wife of a CHATS client

"Many thanks to your incredible team! You are all truly people who make a huge difference in the lives of seniors. Every good deed that all of you do every single day brings so much light and love into our darkened world. You are all angels."

Caregiver / spouse of a CHATS client

"Because of many different issues I was dealing with back home, I decided to move to Canada. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to come with me, so I moved into my son's house. My son and his wife both work full-time, so I was alone by myself most of the time. Because of the language barrier, I was unable to make new friends. And because of my isolation, I became depressed and had to obtain medication from my doctor to cope.

Then, a year-and-a-half ago, I saw an ad for the Diversity Outreach Program for Iranian seniors in the paper, and decided to join. After a few months of participation, I had grown much happier. I even decided to stop taking my medication because I no longer felt depressed. I have made many friends and now I often go out to socialize, talk on the phone and lead an active, healthy life. My English skills have also improved a lot, thanks to that component of the program. One of the most important things for me is that the program is very close to my home, so I have been able to come and go by myself without having to depend on anyone.

Thank you very much, CHATS, for providing such a program to the isolated Iranian seniors in York Region."

CHATS client, Iranian Seniors Outreach Program

"When my relative went into the hospital, I stayed at his home, and in his freezer, I found several meals (Meals on Wheels) delivered by your volunteers. I tried them and found them to be very tasty and of good quality; much, much better than supermarket offerings. Thank you so much to all of your staff and volunteers."

Relative of a CHATS client

"I recently joined the program for South Asian seniors, and am enjoying (all the activities). This is the happiest time I have spent in Canada. It reminds me of my school days with my friends in Sri Lanka."

CHATS client, South Asian Seniors Outreach Program

"I would like to thank CHATS for granting us this wonderful program to make us healthy and happy."

CHATS client, Russian Seniors Outreach Program

"On behalf of our father, we just wanted to thank you and all the support staff at CHATS. Over the last 10 years, your services and staff have allowed dad to live in his home and cope/live with day to day activities and for this we are forever grateful."

Son of CHATS client

"This is advantageous that our parents can see people from their own background, chat and discuss issues with them in their own mother tongue. At the same time, exchange information and talk about their problems with each other once a week. This helps them greatly to have hope in life, stay healthy and feel good."

Son of CHATS client, Iranian Seniors Outreach Program

"We are glad to be in a multicultural society which is unique in the world. Particularly because there are generous people who take care of us and help us to maintain our physical and mental health in our senior years."

CHATS client, Italian Seniors Outreach Program

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